Free Internet Radio – It’s A Dream Come True

Do you consider yourself as an “expert” in your niche? Well I’m quite sure that you do a lot in your business to get your name out there, but the bottom line is that you have to go above and beyond to get more customers. This involves a little creativity and thinking outside of the box, but once you do it, you’ll finding yourself flooded with more new business.

Dave Mason hit superstardom throughout the 70’s with a handful of highly successful albums reaching platinum and gold status – It’s Like You Never Left, Split Coconut, Certified Live,Let it Flow and Mariposo de Oro. top 40 hits “We Just Disagree” and “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” were spawned from that triumphant period.

Now, some genres will take longer than others. Jazz and Classical piano music, for example, requires the greatest amount of discipline, talent, and commitment. These arrangements tend to be complex, note heavy, and expressive. Yes, you can learn to play classical piano, but be prepared to invest your time into learning to play it correctly.

A great alternative is internet radio, also known as Web radio. As the name implies, web radio is a broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. Although some web radio stations correspond with a traditional radio station, many web stations are completely independent and only broadcast on the Internet.

For many with questions about radio advertising rates, and radio station prices, here is where the mystery begins. I will try to simplify the mystery of radio media buying as much as we can in this small amount of space.

The best songs start with someone who’s passionate about writing. Whether you’ve recently had your heart broken, found the love of your life, or had a great time dancing the night away, write about it. This is all the help writing a song that you need. If there’s something that makes you passionate, there are likely other people who feel the same way. Use this knowledge to share your true feelings because it will help you and will resonate with others.

Thursday: Mikey B will be spinning Hip Hop, Dub Step, and House music all night long at Todays Lounge. Live music at the General Clinton Pub is starting at 10 PM. DJ Ten is spinning Hip Hop at the Sip & Sail.