6 Easy Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Music Gift For Your Loved One

Have you seen the new Kevin Spacey movie, Pay It Forward? I’ll tell you, I loved the movie. I’m an idealist. So seeing an “idea” rocketed forward to me is beautiful.

Poker Podcasting – There are a few large internet radio stations emerging for poker, and they often have weekly podcasts for you to download. This is a great way of picking up advice straight from some of the best players in the world, or people who are good at conveying their thoughts about poker topics that may confuse you when discussed on forums. Search through iTunes, Poker Road, and Bluff online for a start. No matter whether you play Stud, Holdem, Razz or Omaha there are podcasts discussing strategy. You can listen to these podcasts whilst you walk or drive to work and many last for over one hour which are not only great learning tools but excellent entertainment.

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When I Think Of You – 1986 – Janet’s first number one single gave her the distinction of being the first artist to have a number one single who also has a sibling with a number one single (Michael).

Wednesday: Ladies night at the Sip & Sail, with DJ Griffie spinning all the top 40 hits. Jazz night commences at the General Clinton Pub with the Oneonta State students.

Songwriter/Guitarist/Vocalist Dave Mason cofounded the band Traffic after Steve Winwood left the Spencer Davis Group. In 1967 Mason left the band after the release of the Mr. Fantasy album. Mason rejoined the band for awhile in 1968 and recorded “Feelin’ Alright,”a song that became Mason’s trademark.”Feelin’ Alright” was covered by Joe Cocker in 1969. Mason went on to join Delaney & Bonnie & Friends in 1969 and released his debut solo album Alone Together producing the hit single- “Only you know and I know” The album reached gold in the U.S. hitting # 22 on the record charts.

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